The American Clock

Now lemme tell you people. Time has come


The American Clock

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New York, 1930s
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Irene is a poor, African-American woman who is a keen member of the Workers

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Now lemme tell you people. Time has come to say brother. My husband pass away and leave me with three small children. No money, no work--I’s about to stick my head in the cookin’ stove. Then the city marshall come and take my chest of drawers, bed and table, and leave me sittin’ on an old orange crate in the middle of the room. And it come over me, mister, come over me to get mean. And I got real mean. Go down in the street and start yellin’ and howlin’ like a real mean woman. [... ... ] But all I got in here is some tore-up newspaper and a bag of cayenne pepper. Case any cop start musclin’ me around--that’s hot pepper, that’s hot cayenne pepper. And if the judge happen to be Catholic I got my rosary layin’ in there and I kind of let that crucifix hang out so’s they think I’m Catholic too...

Arthur Miller. The American Clock. Methuen London Ltd., 1983. p.61

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