Ah, Wilderness!

Start: Must be nearly nine...I can hear

Richard Miller

Ah, Wilderness!

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Act Four, Scene Two
Time & Place
1903, Connecticut, the beach
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Richard Miller is in love with his neighbor, Muriel McComber. Although their parents

Monologue Text

Start: Must be nearly nine...I can hear the Town Hall clock strike, it's so still tonight...Gee, I'll bet Ma had a fit when she found out I'd sneaked out...I'll catch hell when I get back, but it'll be worth it…

End: Mustn't let her know I'm so tickled...I ought to be mad about that first letter, anyway...if women are too sure of you, they treat you like slaves...let her suffer, for a change...

For full extended monologue, please refer to the script edition cited here:

O’Neill, Eugene. Ah, Wilderness! 1933; http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks13/1302951.txt