Man of La Mancha

My lady, my master has sent me to presen

Cervantes’ manservant / Sancho Panza

Man of La Mancha

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My lady, my master has sent me to present to you a missive, (seeing her confusion) it is a sort of letter. My master worned me to give it only into your hand (seeing her problem). No I can't read either. But my master, foreseeing such a possibility, recited it to me so I could commit it to heart. It is no dishonor My Lady, as he explained it, noblewomen are so busy with their needlework. Embroidering banners for their knights. He said they had no time for study. I know, I don't understand it either but I can tell you from experience that knights have their own language for everything, and it's better not to ask questions because it only gets you into trouble.

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