Man of La Mancha

On my way here I was informed by at leas

Dr. Sanson Carrasco (The Knight of the Mirrors)

Man of La Mancha

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On my way here I was informed by at least ten people that your uncle is the laughing-stock of the entire neighborhood. Padre did you know Senor Quijana has lost his mind and is suffering from delusions. I'm a little more then concerned about my marriage to Antonia. There is a certain embarrassment at having a madman in the family. And I beg to remind you, Padre, that I am a doctor so please don't argue, when I say we must do something about him! I do not relish claiming a lunatic as uncle. Plus how do you know that this is a gentle delusion? By this time who knows what violence he has committed! He was armed! With sword and lance. We must turn him from his course and persuade him to return

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