Man of La Mancha

Stay out of my way, you hag, and if you

Aldonza (Dulcinea)

Man of La Mancha

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Entering and yelling back to someone outside the room

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Stay out of my way, you hag, and if you touch me again I will tear your eyes out! I will not leave till I have seen him.(going to Don Quixote's bedside and seeing no sign of recognition) Don't you know me? I am Aldonza! (to the others in the room as if to plead her case) He knows! He must know... Please ... you are my lord, Don Quixote! Please - try to remember! (trying to find the words) It is important, whole life. You spoke to me and everything was...different!... You looked at me and you call me by another name! (remembering) You spoke of a dream and about a quest! About how you might fight and it doesn't matter whether you win or lose if only you follow the quest! They are your own words... don't you remember... you must remember.

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