All the Way Here

Just listen to me a minute. I understand


All the Way Here

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An apartment in Staten Island, Present Day
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Alex has come with his friend, Paul, to find Paul's estranged wife, Anna. Alex has

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Just listen to me a minute. I understand. It was the same with me and Suzanne. I mean, we were together almost as long as you. And when you guys got married, I’m gonna be honest with you, it f#&ked me up. I mean, we’re not old people, the three of us, and you two made this commitment. This lifetime commitment for the rest of your life. And no matter how much you love someone, that’s a lot. And it freaked me out. And I think it freaked Suz out, too, because things got bad between us really fast. And I did things that hurt Suzanne. And I did things that would have hurt Suzanne if she had found out about them. And I know she did things, too. You saw how bad things got. You were there.

We broke up, Anna, a few weeks after you left. I don’t know if you knew that.


Yeah. And she moved out to Bloomington for some job at HealthPartners. And that was it. Five years of my life, that was it. Until she came back around Thanksgiving to pick up her stuff. And we got to talking. And all the things that drove me crazy felt like they didn’t matter anymore. So I moved out to Bloomington. We got a place near the mall.

(a beat)

And we’re getting married next year.

We haven’t told anyone yet. But, yeah. It’s not what I thought I wanted. But it was. And the only way I knew that, the only way I figured it out, is we spent time apart. And if I freaked out that much when you got married... I can only imagine how much you guys were freaking out. I wasn’t even thinking about it. I wasn’t thinking about you. I wasn’t the kind of friend I should have been to you two. And I want to fix that.


I’m just saying, I think it’s good that you left, Anna. And I think it’s good that he came here. Things change. Then they change back. Or you realize that they never really changed at all.

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