A Raisin in the Sun

Walter: Mama--you don’t know all the thi

Walter Lee Younger

A Raisin in the Sun

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Age Range
Act 2, Scene 2
Time & Place
Chicago’s Southside, 1950s, The Younger’s Apartment
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Walter Lee Younger’s mother, Lena, has just received an insurance check for $10,000

Monologue Text

Walter: Mama--you don’t know all the things a man what got leisure can find to do in this city...What’s this--Friday night? Well--Wednesday I borrowed Willy Harris’ car and I went for a drive...just me and myself and I drove and drove...Way out...way past South Chicago, and I parked the car and I sat and looked at the steel mills all day long. I just sat in the car and looked at them big black chimneys for hours. Then I drove back and I went to the Green Hat. And Thursday--Thursday I borrowed the car again and I got in it and I pointed in the other way and I drove the other way--for hours--way, way up to Wisconsin, and I looked at the farms. I just drove and looked at farms. Then I drove back and I went to the Green Hat. And today--today I didn’t get the car. Today I just walked. All over the Southside. And I looked at the Negroes and they looked at me and finally I sat down on the curb at Thirty-ninth and South Pprkway and I just sat there and watched the Negroes go by. And then I went to the Green Hat. You all sad? You all depressed? And you know where I am going right now--

[Mama: Oh, Big Walter, is this the harvest of our days?]

Walter: You know what I like about the Green Hat? I like this little cat they got there who blows the sax...He blows. He talks to me. He ain’t but ‘bout five feet tall and he’s got a conked hear and his eyes is always closed and he’s all music--

[Mama: Walter--]

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