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"StageAgent’s show guides help educate and engage our audience members both before and after a production. StageAgent provides the benefits of having an in-house dramaturg without the cost."-Elizabeth Santana, Palo Alto Players

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Developing a Loyal Audience Is Critical to a Company’s Success

Theatregoers have more entertainment options than ever.

With average subscription ticket income declining, theatre companies are increasingly reliant on contributions.

This is a far less sustainable business model.

An Educated Audience Is an Engaged Audience

Unlike other forms of entertainment, theatre is not a ‘brain dead’ activity.

We believe that a basic knowledge of the literature can greatly enhance the theatre-watching experience and increase customer loyalty.

Audiences appreciate it when they receive this education and will feel more ‘part of the club’.

Unfortunately, most theatre companies do not have the budget to hire an in-house dramaturg to produce study guides for audience education.

Why You Should Partner With StageAgent

On StageAgent, our team of expert dramaturgs has created 1400+ study guides for musicals, plays, and operas.

Benefits for Audience Engagement Partners:

  • During the run of your show, we ‘unlock’ our guide so your audience can read the content without needing to create a StageAgent account.
  • We provide your company with free advertising space on the guide associated with your production.
  • Discounted pricing if you choose to advertise elsewhere on StageAgent.
  • If we don’t already have a guide created for a show in your season, we will prioritize it in our queue of guides to be written.
  • And most importantly: you can expect your audience members to become more satisfied, educated, and engaged in your productions.

    Partner Obligations

    Joining the Audience Engagement program is free. However, partners do have the following obligations:

    1. Your company can only see benefits if you actively promote the StageAgent show guide to your audience. We require our partners to promote a link to the show guide:

      • On your website
      • In your printed show program
      • In emails to subscribers and promotional newsletters
      • Via your social media accounts
    2. We also require partners to include a link to on your website identifying us as a partner