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New York, 1920s
Act 1

Scene Context

Anna has just arrived in New York City to find her father, Chris Christopherson. It

Scene Text

MARTHY—[Nodding her head sympathetically.] Sure—yuh look all in. Been on a bat?

ANNA—No—travelling—day and a half on the train. Had to sit up all night in the dirty coach, too. Gawd, I thought I'd never get here!

MARTHY—[With a start—looking at her intently.] Where'd yuh come from, huh?

ANNA—St. Paul—out in Minnesota.

MARTHY—[Staring at her in amazement—slowly.] So—yuh're—[She suddenly bursts out into hoarse, ironical laughter.] Gawd!

ANNA—All the way from Minnesota, sure. [Flaring up.] What you laughing at? Me?

MARTHY—[Hastily.] No, honest, kid. I was thinkin' of somethin' else.

ANNA—[Mollified—with a smile.] Well, I wouldn't blame you, at that. Guess I do look rotten—yust out of the hospital two weeks. I'm going to have another 'ski. What d'you say? Have something on me?