VARYA. [Looking a...

The Cherry Orchard

Act 4


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Russia, 1904
Act 4

Scene Context

There has been an unspoken tension between Varya and local businessman, Lopakhin,

Scene Text

VARYA. [Looking at the luggage in silence] I can’t seem to find it....

LOPAKHIN. What are you looking for?

VARYA. I packed it myself and I don’t remember. [Pause.]

LOPAKHIN. Where are you going to now, Barbara Mihailovna?

VARYA. I? To the Ragulins.... I’ve got an agreement to go and look after their house... as housekeeper or something.

LOPAKHIN. Is that at Yashnevo? It’s about fifty miles. [Pause] So life in this house is finished now....

VARYA. [Looking at the luggage] Where is it?... perhaps I’ve put it away in the trunk.... Yes, there’ll be no more life in this house....

LOPAKHIN. And I’m off to Kharkov at once... by this train. I’ve a lot of business on hand. I’m leaving Epikhodov here... I’ve taken him on.

VARYA. Well, well!

LOPAKHIN. Last year at this time the snow was already