SMITHERS [Tighten...

The Emperor Jones

Scene 1


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West Indies, 1920s
Scene 1

Scene Context

Smithers has arrived at the emperor’s palace to discover that all the natives have

Scene Text

SMITHERS [Tightening his grasp−roughly]: Easy! None o’ that, me birdie. You can't wriggle out now. I got me 'oaks on yer.

WOMAN [Seeing the uselessness of struggling, gives way to frantic terror, and sinks to the ground, embracing his knees supplicatingly.]: No tell him! No tell him, Mister!

SMITHERS [With great curiosity]: Tell 'im? [Then scornfully.] Oh, you mean 'is bloamin' Majesty. What's the gaime, any 'ow? What are you sneakin' away for? Been stealin' a bit, I s'pose. [He taps her bundle with his riding whip significantly.]

WOMAN [Shaking her head vehemently]: No, me no steal.

SMITHERS: Bloody liar! But tell me what's up. There's somethin' funny goin' on. I smelled it in the air first thing I got up this mornin'. You blacks are up to some devilment. This palace of 'is is like a