Ted How’s Mar...

And It Came To Pass In Those Days

Act 1, Scene 1


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Messy one bedroom apartment, present day
Act 1, Scene 1

Scene Context

Cassie is bereft; it is Christmas time, the happiest season of the year, and her

Scene Text

Ted How’s Mark?

Cassie Gone.

Ted Where?

Cassie I don’t know. “West” he said.

Ted There’s a lot of west.

Cassie Yeah. We went to the doctor. He took one look at the sonogram and said, “That doesn’t look a goddamned thing like me, Cass. How do I even know it’s mine?” Right there in front of the technician he said that. And then he dropped me off. And wished me a Merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year. And he left.

**Ted **Maybe he’s coming back.

Cassie I don’t think so.

Cassie reaches into her pocket and pulls out a neatly creased sheet of paper. She offers it out to Ted. He unfolds the sonogram. .

Cassie (cont’d, with a smile she can’t suppress) It’s a girl.

Cassie’s smile melts away to tears. She turns and studiedly watches the muted television. Ted