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Doubt: A Parable

Scene Two


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Principal’s Office, St. Nicholas Catholic School, The Bronx, New York, 1964
Scene Two

Scene Context

Sister Aloysius - a fierce, intimidating figure - has an eagle eye and a suspicion

Scene Text

Start: Sister Aloysius: We might as well have a talk. I’ve been meaning to talk to you. I observed your lesson on the New Deal at the beginning of the term. Not bad.

End: Sister Aloysius: This is not generally known and I don’t want it known. If they find out in the rectory, she’ll be gone. I can’t afford to lose her. But now if you see her making her way down those stone stairs into the courtyard, for the love of Heaven, lightly take her hand as if in fellowship and see that she doesn’t destroy herself. All right, go.

Shanley, John Patrick. Doubt. New York: Theater Communications Group, 2005, pp. 10-15.