Start: Ermina: Sc...

Crumbs from the Table of Joy

Act Two, Scene 2


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Brower Park, Brooklyn, New York, 1950
Act Two, Scene 2

Scene Context

Ernestine and Ermina, sisters and frequently opposites, but as close as best

Scene Text

Start: Ermina: Scat cat, hip, jive, cool baby, dip dive. Be bop, shoo bop, de dap, de dop. Give me some skin, babe. Far out sweet daddy. Hang tight, hang loose, dig this, out of sight, take it easy you're blowing my mind, everything is copasetic, the most, gonest, funky! Ernestine: [to the audience] Ermina is discovering the language of the city.

End: Ermina: I hate it up here! Nothing seems like it should be. Nothing! It ain't normal for a white lady to be living in a house with colored folks. She don't even cook right.

For full scene, please refer to the script edition cited here: Nottage, Lynn, Crumbs from the Table of Joy, Dramatists Play Service, 1998, pp. 33-35.