Guys and Dolls


Writers: Jo Swerling Abe Burrows Frank Loesser


Ryan Van Buskirk

Orleans, MA

James Cabot

West Newbury, MA

Josh Hawley

Oshkosh, WI

  • Harry the Horse at Oshkosh (2022)

Lucas Blakely

Toronto, ON

  • Sky Masterson at Leon Theatre (2015)

Jeremy Ramsey

Rockford, Illinois

Henry Malueg

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

John Lino Ponzini

Wilton, CT

  • Nathan Detroit at Sterling Barm Theater (1975)

Annemarie Vohs

Yarmouth, MA

Jillian McAuley


  • Sarah Brown at Austin Prep (2022)

Anthony Yencarelli

Idyllwild-Pine Cove, CA

Ashlyn Hehir

QLD, Australia

  • General Matilda B. Cartwright at Little Seed Theatre Company

Michael Orth

Lancaster, PA

  • Angie the Ox at Reading Civic Theatre (2022)

Jack St. John

St Louis, Missouri

  • Scranton Slim at Westminster Christian Academy

Collin Geter

Columbia, Maryland

  • Sky Masterson at WLHS (2020)

Ines Milon

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Ensemble at Central High School (2018)

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