Act One

The Usherette, backed by the Phantoms, enter the theatre. They welcome the audience to their derelict cinema and let them know the type of “film” that the audience is in for by paying homage to classic science fiction and B horror movies of the 1940s-70s (“Science Fiction Double Feature”).

Janet Weiss and Brad Majors, two high school sweethearts have just left a wedding of two of their friends. The ceremony has inspired Brad himself to propose, which Janet happily accepts. Brad and Janet met in a science class taught by Dr. Everett Scott. They decide to visit and share their happy news with Dr. Scott, who has since become their friend (“Damn It, Janet!”).

The spotlight shifts to our Narrator for the evening. He explains that Brad and Janet are “two young ordinary healthy kids.” Perhaps because of this, the happy couple were oblivious to any signs of impending danger —the dark storm clouds on the horizon, the beat up spare tire. “They being normal kids and on a night out —

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