Writers: Alfred Uhry Jason Robert Brown


Act One

  • "The Old Red Hills of Home: Part 1" – Young Confederate Soldier
  • "The Old Red Hills of Home: Part 2" – Old Confederate Soldier and Townspeople
  • "The Dream of Atlanta" – Townspeople
  • "How Can I Call This Home?" – Leo Frank and Townspeople
  • "The Picture Show" – Mary Phagan and Frankie Epps
  • "Leo At Work" / "What Am I Waiting For?" – Leo Frank and Lucille Frank
  • "Interrogation: "I Am Trying to Remember..." – Newt Lee, Leo Frank, Detective Starnes, Officer Ivey, Mrs. Phagan, Lizzie Phagan and Young Policeman
  • "Big News!" – Britt Craig
  • "Funeral: There is a Fountain" / "It Don't Make Sense" –Frankie Epps, Britt Craig, Iola Stover, Essie, Monteen, Prison Guard, Lizzie Phagan and Townspeople
  • "Watson's Lullaby" – Tom Watson
  • "Somethin' Ain't Right" – Hugh Dorsey, Detective Starnes and Officer Ivey
  • "Real Big News" – Britt Craig and Townspeople
  • "You Don't Know This Man" – Lucille Frank
  • "Trial Part I: People of Atlanta" – Fiddling John, Tom Watson and Townspeople
  • "Trial Part II: Dorsey's Statement: Twenty Miles From Marietta" – Hugh Dorsey
  • "Trial Part III: Frankie's Testimony" – Frankie Epps and Mary Phagan
  • "Trial Part IV: Factory Girls/Come Up to My Office" – Iola Stover, Essie, Monteen and Leo Frank
  • "Trial Part V: Newt Lee's Testimony" – Newt Lee
  • "Trial Part VI: My Child Will Forgive Me" – Mrs. Phagan
  • "Trial Part VII: That's What He Said" – Jim Conley, Townspeople, Randy, Fiddling John and Lizzie Phagan
  • "Trial Part VIII: Leo's Statement: It's Hard to Speak My Heart" – Leo Frank
  • "Trial Part IX: Summation and Cakewalk" – Hugh Dorsey, Judge Roan, Jury Foreman, Jurors and Townspeople

Act Two

  • "Rumblin' and a Rollin'" – Riley, Angela, Jim Conley and Newt Lee
  • "Do it Alone" – Lucille Frank
  • "Pretty Music" – Governor John Slaton
  • "Letter to the Governor"– Nurse and Judge Roan
  • “This is Not Over Yet” -- Leo Frank, Lucille Frank and Prison Guard
  • "The Factory Girls" (Reprise) – Iola Stover, Essie and Monteen
  • "Newt Lee" (Reprise) – Governor John Slaton, Lucille Frank and Newt Lee
  • "Blues: Feel the Rain Fall" – Jim Conley, Chain Gang, Governor John Slaton and Chain Gang Guard
  • "Where Will You Stand When the Flood Comes?" – Tom Watson, Hugh Dorsey, Mrs. Phagan, Britt Craig and Townspeople
  • "All the Wasted Time" – Leo Frank and Lucille Frank
  • "Abduction" – Leo Frank, The Old Confederate Soldier, Frankie Epps, Detective Starnes and Officer Ivey
  • "Sh'ma" – Leo Frank
  • "Finale" – Lucille Frank, Leo Frank, Frankie Epps, Mary Phagan and Full Company

A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters.

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