Reefer Madness


Writers: Kevin Murphy Dan Studney



  • *Reefer Madness - Lecturer and Ensemble

  • Romeo & Juliet - Jimmy and Mary

  • The Stuff - Mae

  • *Down at the Ol’ Five and Dime - Lecturer, Jimmy, Jack and Ensemble

  • Jimmy Takes a Hit - Sally, Jimmy, Jack, Ralph, Mae and Lecturer

  • *The Orgy - Ensemble

  • Lonely Pew - Mary

  • Listen to Jesus, Jimmy - Jesus and Ensemble

  • Lullabye - Sally’s Baby

  • Mary Jane/Mary Lane - Jimmy, Mary and Ensemble

  • Act One Finale - Ensemble


  • Jimmy on the Lam - Mary, Jimmy, Sally, Ralph, Mae and Ensemble

  • The Brownie Song - Jimmy and Ensemble

  • Down at the Ol’ Five and Dime (Reprise) - Lecturer

  • Little Mary Sunshine - Ralph and Mary

  • Mary’s Death - Jimmy and Mary

  • Murder - Ensemble

  • The Stuff (Reprise) - Mae and Ensemble

  • Listen to Jesus, Jimmy (Reprise) - Jesus, Jimmy and Ensemble

  • The Truth - Ensemble

A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters.

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