Aspects of Love

Aspects of Love



  • Love Changes Everything (Alex)
  • "the toast of the town, the hit of year" (Rose, Marcel, actress, Alex)
  • Parlez-vous Français? (Crooner, Alex, Rose, Marcel, Waiter and Actors)
  • "That girl can really act" (Alex and Rose)
  • Seeing is Believing (Alex and Rose)
  • "Wish my arms were longer, or the gap was wider" (Alex and Rose)
  • "Dam the boy! Dam the boys!" (George and Giulietta)
  • A Memory of a Happy Moment (Giulietta and George)
  • "This is what I ought to feel onstage" (Rose and Alex)
  • "You must forgive my rude intrusion" (George, Alex and Rose)
  • "What was that? Listen" (Rose and Alex)
  • Chanson d'Enfance (Rose and Alex)
  • "Marcel wants me in Lyon" (Rose and Alex)
  • Everybody Loves a Hero (Harkers and Ensemble)
  • "How you've grown" (Elizabeth, Alex and Rose)
  • First orchestral interlude (Alex, Elizabeth, Rose and George)
  • She'd Be Far Better Off with You (George and Alex)
  • Second Orchestral interlude (orchestra)
  • Stop. Wait. Please. (George, Giulietta and Rose)
  • "I now pronounce you man and wife" (Priest, Friends, George, Rose and Giulietta)
  • " News takes time to reach us here" (Alex)
  • Orchestral introduction to Act II (orchestra)
  • A theatre in Paris (Marcel, Rose, actress and Hugo)
  • Leading Lady (Marcel, Rose, Alex and Hugo)
  • "Have I changed?" (Rose and Alex)
  • "I think by now I'm old enough to put myself to bed" (Jenny & George)
  • Other Pleasures (George, Jenny, Rose, Alex)
  • "Big surprise I can't be with you this weekend" (Giulietta)
  • There is More to Love (Giulietta)
  • I trust you're staying for the vynship" (George, Jenny, Rose and Alex)
  • Mermaid Song (Jenny, Alex and George)
  • The country side around the house (Third orchestral interlude) (orchestra)
  • "Say the word. Say it now. Nice and loud." (Jenny, Alex and Rose)
  • "What could be sweeter? Nothing is sweeter" (George, Hugo, Alex, Rose and Jenny)
  • The First Man You Remember (George, Jenny & Alex)
  • Now that's what I call a wall" (George, Rose, Alex, Jenny, Hugo and Workmen)
  • Up in the Pyrenees (Chanson d'Enfance - reprise/love changes everything - reprise) (Jenny and Alex)
  • "My finest vintage champagne" (George and Rose)
  • Journey of a Lifetime (Chanteuse, Ensemble, George, Rose, Alex and Jenny)
  • Falling (Alex, Jenny, Rose and George)
  • "Come on Jenny that's enough now" (Alex, Jenny, George, Rose and Hugo)
  • Hand Me the Wine and the Dice (Giulietta, Chorus, Alex, Jenny, Rose, Hugo and Marcel)
  • "What was that? Listen" (Giulietta and Alex)
  • "Jenny this is just as hard for me" (Alex, Jenny and Rose)
  • Anything But Lonely (Rose)
  • "It won't be long till Jenny's a woman" (Giulietta & Alex)

A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters.

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