Act One

A few regal, military chords ring out, then an ensemble enters snapping their fingers, creating a beat to tell the beginning of the story of our main character (“Alexander Hamilton”). Aaron Burr, the shows erstwhile villain, takes the lead as narrator and one by one we are introduced to the characters from American History that are part of the story to be told. Alexander comes to New York from the Caribbean, the orphaned child of a whore and a Scotsman. He is driven and yearns to become someone of note. In 1776, 19-year-old Alex soon encounters Aaron Burr, a former student at Princeton, asking advice on graduating early so that he can join the revolution (“Aaron Burr, Sir”). Burr invites Alex for a drink in the Fraunces Tavern and tries to encourage Alex to slow down, play his cards close to the vest, and not get too involved just yet. Alex questions that, challenging Burr, “If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?”

This challenge draws the attention of three men

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