Love Never Dies


Writers: Andrew Lloyd Webber Ben Elton Glenn Slater Charles Hart


Show Information

Number of Acts
First Produced
Drama, Romance, Horror
Period, Multiple Settings, Spectacle
Time & Place
1900s, coney island, new york
Cast Size
Orchestra Size
Some Dance
Casting Notes
Mostly male cast
Includes adult, child, mature adult, young adult, late teen, early teen characters


In Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s surprising sequel to his epic hit, The Phantom of the Opera, the time is 1907; the place, New York City; and the Phantom (formerly of the Opera), having escaped the furious mob in Paris, has done well for himself. As the mysterious impresario behind Mr. Y’s Phantasma, a popular circus and vaudeville theatre on rough and tumble Coney Island, the Phantom enjoys fame, fortune, and a measure of mobility of which his past self could never have dreamed. Aided by the tenacious bargaining of Madame Giry, and the many charms of her dancing daughter Meg, the Phantom has almost everything he could wish for -- except the presence of his beloved muse, Christine Daae. Now an opera superstar, Christine arrives in New York to sing at the opening of Oscar Hammerstein’s new theatre -- but is lured to Coney Island by the Phantom, who sends his circus minions to waylay her at the docks. Accompanying Christine are her husband Raoul, the Vicomte de Chagny, whose bad luck at gambling has reduced him to a bitter alcoholic, and her son Gustave, a bright and sensitive young musical prodigy who bears more resemblance to her Angel of Music than to her worldly husband. Filled with the frenetic energy of carnival and vaudeville, the pain of love lost, bitter rivalries, murderous madness, and the unavoidable subterranean splendors of the Phantom’s new kingdom, Love Never Dies is a sensational spectacle, featuring the smoldering duet “Beneath a Moonless Sky,” the hopeful and haunting “Beauty Underneath,” and the triumphant show-stopper “Love Never Dies.”

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