Love Never Dies


Writers: Andrew Lloyd Webber Ben Elton Glenn Slater Charles Hart


Act One

  • ‘Til I Hear You Sing - Phantom
  • Coney Island Waltz - Fleck, Squelch, Dangle, Ensemble
  • *Only for You - Meg, Madame Giry, Showgirls
  • Arrival of the Trio - Gustave, Fleck, Squelch, Gangle
  • What a Dreadful Town! - Raoul, Christine, Gustave
  • Look With Your Heart - Christine, Gustave
  • Beneath a Moonless Sky - Phantom, Christine
  • Once Upon Another Time - Phantom, Christine
  • Mother Please, I’m Scared - Gustave, Christine, Phantom
  • Dear Old Friend - Christine, Meg, Raoul, Madame Giry
  • Beautiful - Gustave
  • The Beauty Underneath - Phantom, Gustave, Ensemble
  • The Phantom Confronts Christine - Phantom, Christine, Madame Giry

Act Two

  • Why Does She Love Me? - Raoul
  • Devil Take the Hindmost - Phantom, Raoul
  • Invitation to the Concert - Fleck, Squelch, Gangle
  • *Bathing Beauty - Meg, Showgirls
  • Mother, Did You Watch? - Meg, Madame Giry
  • Before the Performance - Gustave, Christine, Raoul, Phantom
  • Devil Take the Hindmost (Reprise) - Gustave, Raoul, Phantom, Madame Giry
  • Love Never Dies - Christine
  • Ah Christine! - Phantom, Christine, Raoul, Madame Giry
  • Please Miss Giry - Gustave, Meg, Phantom
  • Conclusion - Phantom, Christine

A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters.

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