Act One

As the curtain rises, older teenagers from across New York City are clutching envelopes, desperate to be accepted into the NYC High School of Performing Arts (“I Pray I Make P.A”). As the successful students make their presence known, Miss Sherman, the English teacher, tells the new students that it will be tough to succeed at the prestigious performing arts school (“Hard Work”). One by one, their introductory classes begin. Music students Schlomo, Goody, and Lambchops decide to form a band, while Jose ‘Joe’ Vegas reveals his immediate attraction to Carmen, a beautiful and ambitious girl he has seen in dance class. Acting student, Serena Katz, introduces herself to Nick Piazza, a serious teenager studying acting. He has already achieved fame in TV commercials but wants to achieve more from his acting (“I Want to Make Magic”). As the students gather together in Mr. Myer’s acting class, Mr. Myer asks them to reveal something about themselves. Cheekily, Joe discusses his own

Half-Price Ticket Hot Sellers