Carrie: The Musical


Writers: Lawrence D. Cohen Michael Gore Dean Pitchford


Gigi Mechetti

North Massapequa, NY

  • Sue Snell at Shining Studios (2018)

Sydney Gross

Lake Mary, Florida

  • Ensemble at Theater West End (2019)

Killian James


  • Billy Nolan at Things That Go Bump in the Night (2021)

Beth Garcia

Sabadell, CT

  • Chris at Teatre d'insomni

Abbie Giardino

Seaside, CA

  • Margaret White at Monterey High School (2019)

Tommy Glennon

Riverdale, IA

Jess Bond


Hannah Joslyn

Burleson, TX

Caleb McCarroll

Raytown, MO

  • Freddy at PING! Performing Arts Collective (2019)

meredith julia muirhead

Wantagh, New York

  • Carrie White at Raffaele Theatrical Productions (2020)

Stella Mulroney

Los Angeles, CA

  • Margaret White at Creative Artist's Theatre Space (2017)

Abbey Dennis

Newcastle, NSW

  • Freida at ATWEA

Ciara Devane

McDonough, Georgia

  • Sue Snell at Locust Grove High School (2019)

Kasey Dutton

Levittown, New York

  • Helen Shyre at Cultural Arts Playhouse

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