Gavin Annette

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Gavin Annette

Performer, Artistic Staff, Teacher, Fan, Actor, Voice-over, Singer, Playwright, Director, Hair/Makeup, Scenic/Set Designer, Sound Designer, Costume Designer, Drama Teacher, English Teacher

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  Manitowoc, Wisconsin


Gavin J. Annette is a stage, film, and voice actor and singer based in Manitowoc, WI. He has performed in various straight plays, musicals, and short films in Washington and Oregon states, toured for six years with an independent theatre troupe performing EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL, and now seeks representation in animation, video game, and audio drama voice acting in addition to live theatrical and film production.

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Billy Nolan
The Forst Inn Arts Collective

Anatomy of Gray

Galen Gray
The Forst Inn Arts Collective
The Forst Inn Arts Collective
Pablo Picasso
The Forst Inn Arts Collective

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Shadowcast)

Frank. N. Furter
Lakeshore Cinema

The Woman in Black

Arthur Kipps

Cannibal The Musical

Israel Swan
Last Chance Productions
Inspector Kipps / Hermit
Last Chance Productions
Last Chance Productions

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