The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Writers: Peter Parnell Alan Menken Stephen Schwartz Michael Starobin


Connor Forbes

Manchester, New Hampshire

Jackson Royce Lawrence


  • Court Official/Phoebus u/s at JCompany Youth Theater

Michael Rhone

San Francisco, California

Charlotte Kearns

San Francisco, CA

trinity churchill

Boulder, Colorado

Lily Johnson

San Diego, California

  • Gargoyle at Jcompany Youth Theater (2019)

Maleena Johnson

Overland Park, Kansas

  • Featured ensemble at Trilogy Cultural Arts

Christopher Schubert

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Gypsy - Dance Ensemble at Theatre Cedar Rapids (2019)

Georgia Thomas

Atlanta, GA

  • Florika, Ensemble, Choir at Greater Atlanta Christian School (2020)

Eyanna Gruver

Wilkes-Barre, PA

Melissa Oblinger

Tomball, Texas

  • Ensemble at Concordia Lutheran High School Players

Christian Perez

Brownsburg, IN

  • Frederic Charlus at Hendricks Civic Theatre

Spencer Thompson

Nampa, Idaho

  • Onstage Choir at Music Theatre of Idaho (2019)

Dillon Davis

Jonesboro, Arkansas

  • Soldier at The Foundation of Arts

Elizabeth Dodd

Ceres, CA

  • Quasimodo's mother, ensemble and Mimi at Modesto Junior College (2019)

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