Don Giovanni


Writers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lorenzo Da Ponte


Show Information

Number of Acts
First Produced
Drama, Dark Comedy
Time & Place
17th century in seville, spain
Cast Size
Orchestra Size
Some Dance
Casting Notes
Mostly male cast
Includes adult, young adult, mature adult characters


The famous tale of Don Giovanni centers around the womanizing libertine and his conquests. Don Giovanni sneaks into Il Commendatore’s house, with his side kick, Leporello, standing guard and attempts to rape or seduce his daughter, Donna Anna. Upon fleeing, after Donna Anna screams, Don Giovanni duels with Il Commendatore and kills him, before escaping with Leporello. Devastated, Donna Anna and her betrothed, Don Ottavio vow to discover who killed her father and bring them to justice. Giovanni continues to seduce every women he sees, including a former lover who is on the warpath to bring him to justice for her betrayal, and a peasant girl, Zerlina, on the eve of her wedding to Masetto, until they all band together to bring Don Giovanni to justice. Escaping by throwing Leporello into the array in his place, Leporello threatens to leave Don Giovanni’s side. As Don Giovanni gloats at his escape, the voice of the statue at Il Commendatore’s grave speaks saying “Here am I waiting for revenge against the scoundrel who killed me.” Don Giovanni, unafraid, invites the statue to dinner, laughing off the encounter. Later, during a luxurious meal, ominous knocks are heard at the door. Leporello is frightened and hides, but Giovanni opens the door to find the statue of Il Commendatore. Giovanni is shocked, and refuses his entry, but Il Commendatore demands that he repent for his many sins. Giovanni continues to refuse until the statue disappears and demons come to drag Don Giovanni down to hell. The rest of the cast rejoices and states the moral of the story: “Such is the end of the evildoer: the death of a sinner always reflects his life.”

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