The Mikado


Writers: W.S. Gilbert Arthur Sullivan


  • · Overture (Includes "Mi-ya Sa-ma", "The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze", "There is Beauty in the Bellow of the Blast", "Braid the Raven Hair" and "With Aspect Stern and Gloomy Stride")

Act I

  • 1. "If you want to know who we are" (Chorus of Men)
  • 2. "A Wand'ring Minstrel I" (Nanki-Poo and Men)
  • 3. "Our Great Mikado, virtuous man" (Pish-Tush and Men)
  • 4. "Young man, despair" (Pooh-Bah, Nanki-Poo and Pish-Tush)
  • 4a. Recit., "And have I journey'd for a month" (Pooh-Bah, Nanki-Poo)
  • 5. "Behold the Lord High Executioner" (Ko-Ko and Men)
  • 5a. "As some day it may happen" ("I've Got a Little List") (Ko-Ko and Men)
  • 6. "Comes a train of little ladies" (Girls)
  • 7. "Three little maids from school are we" (Yum-Yum, Peep-Bo, Pitti-Sing, and Girls)
  • 8. "So please you, Sir, we much regret" (Yum-Yum, Peep-Bo, Pitti-Sing, Pooh-Bah, and Girls)
  • 9. "Were you not to Ko-Ko plighted" (Yum-Yum and Nanki-Poo)
  • 10. "I am so proud" (Pooh-Bah, Ko-Ko and Pish-Tush)
  • 11. Finale Act I (Ensemble)
  • "With aspect stern and gloomy stride"
  • "The threatened cloud has passed away"
  • "Your revels cease!" ... "Oh fool, that fleest my hallowed joys!"
  • "For he's going to marry Yum-Yum"
  • "The hour of gladness" ... "O ni! bikkuri shakkuri to!"
  • "Ye torrents roar!"

Act II

  • 12. "Braid the raven hair" (Pitti-Sing and Girls)
  • 13. "The sun whose rays are all ablaze" (Yum-Yum)
  • 14. Madrigal, "Brightly dawns our wedding day" (Yum-Yum, Pitti-Sing, Nanki-Poo and Pish-Tush)
  • 15. "Here's a how-de-do" (Yum-Yum, Nanki-Poo and Ko-Ko)
  • 16. "Mi-ya Sa-ma” / From every kind of man obedience I expect" (Mikado, Katisha, Chorus)
  • 17. "A more humane Mikado" (Mikado, Chorus)
  • 18. "The criminal cried as he dropped him down" (Ko-Ko, Pitti-Sing, Pooh-Bah, Chorus)
  • 19. "See how the Fates their gifts allot" (Mikado, Pitti-Sing, Pooh-Bah, Ko-Ko and Katisha)
  • 20. "The flowers that bloom in the spring" (Nanki-Poo, Ko-Ko, Yum-Yum, Pitti-Sing, and Pooh-Bah)
  • 21. Recit. and song, "Alone, and yet alive" (Katisha)
  • 22. "On a tree by a river" ("Willow, tit-willow") (Ko-Ko)
  • 23. "There is beauty in the bellow of the blast" (Katisha and Ko-Ko)
  • 24. "Finale Act II" (Ensemble)
  • "For he's gone and married Yum-Yum"
  • "The threatened cloud has passed away"

A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters.

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