Most Likely To: The Senior Superlative Monologues


New Work
Writers: Michael Tester


Show Information

Number of Acts
First Produced
Time & Place
A High School Senior Superlative ceremony, Present Day
Cast Size
Ideal for
College/University, Community Theatre, High School
Casting Notes

Includes late teen characters


Inspired by students at a New York high school for the arts, Most Likely To: The Senior Superlative Monologues pits the "Geeks" against the "Goths," "Drama Queens" and "Jocks" in a senior superlative showdown for Best All Around! Employing a senior superlative awards ceremony as its unifying arc, Most Likely To transforms any stage into a platform that honors the seriocomic musings of teenagers labeled everything from Class Clown to Most Dramatic. Joining the usual cast of superlatives: Most Paranoid dreams of "Harriet Potter," Most Musical plans her "Wicked" Sweet 16, Most Overlooked offers a concise history of bullying and Most Athletic strikes out with his girlfriend. The Class Poet riffs, while Almost Dramatic laments being typecast as "The Mayor's Wife," and the teen voted Most Likely To Think Outside the Box compares high school to the Star Wars trilogy.

These pieces can be used as stand-alone audition material, while an appendix of ensemble and two-person scenes transforms this monologue cycle into a full-length play.

_Featuring, but not limited to, the following archetypes: _

Class Clown

Most Team Spirited

Most Athletic

Frequently Flirty

Cutest Couple that Never was

Most Paranoid

Best Hair

Class Gossip

Most Likely To Think Outside the Box

Most Popular

Most Likely to Skip Gym

Best Supporting Actor

Al(most) Dramatic

Class Playa

Editor's Note: all are from the perspective of high school students, but can be performed by older actors as reflections.

While gender has been suggested, all roles are gender fluid.

Lead Characters

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