Alice in Wonderland


Writers: Jason Pizzarello


Lucy Stack

Louisville, Kentucky

Sylvia Whitbrook

Santa Rosa, CA

Aiden Kilduff

New Hampshire, USA

  • King of Hearts at Avon Middle High School

Julia Kruger

East Lansing, Michigan

  • Alice at All of us Express Theater (2019)

Morgaine Ford-Workman

Morrisville, Pennsylvania

  • Alice at Dancin' Feet (2003)

Jade Breen

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

  • White Rabbit at Ickle Pickle Productions (2018)
  • Dormouse at Child Players ACT (2015)

Nathaniel Gardner

Jeffersonville, Indiana

  • King of Hearts at Jeffersonville High School (2019)

Emilia Buelte

Bad Homburg, Hesse

  • Tweedeldee, child at Theater et zetera (2016)

Katie Cannon

West Midlands, UK

  • Understudy Alice at New Vic Theatre

Karys Hardingham

St Albans, UK

  • Alice at TheatreTrain (2021)

Lily Johnson

San Diego, California

  • Narrator at JCompany (2022)

Ariah Richardson

Castle Rock, CO

  • The Queen Of Hearts at Cleveland Middle School (2020)

T.J Webb

Texas City, Texas

  • White Knight/Knave at Texas City High School (2015)

madison h

Bristol, CT

  • White Rabbit at St. Paul Performing Arts (2021)

Callie Chae Pyken

Los Angeles, California

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