Big Buck City


Writers: Daniel David Moses


Show Information

Number of Acts
First Produced
Farce, Comedy
Unit/Single Set
Time & Place
Christmas Eve, A renovated house in an old part of the city, Canada, 1991
Cast Size
Ideal for
College/University, Diverse Cast, Regional Theatre
Casting Notes
Mostly female cast
Includes adult, mature adult, late teen, young adult characters


In a modern reimagining of the Christmas story, Daniel David Moses continues the story of one Indigenous family in the second play of his four-part City series. At the end of Coyote City, Lena disappeared into the city night with a charismatic prostitute, much to the dismay of her mother and sister, Boo. They have remained in the city and are staying with Boo and Lena’s aunt and uncle, Barbara and Jack. Boo has been out looking for Lena, but her efforts have been in vain so far. However, Lena’s sudden arrival on Christmas Eve throws the household into chaos, especially as she is in labor with a seemingly miraculous child. As Lena gives birth to a baby in the bathroom, Jack tries to get his head around the situation, while protecting his property from a quirky street kid who knows how to make the best out of a bad situation. Farcical, energetic, and deeply moving, Big Buck City documents the survival of an Indigenous family in a materialistic, fast-moving city.

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