The Diary of Anne Frank


Writers: Wendy Kesselman Frances Goodrich Albert Hackett


John Mannion


Misha Suvorov


  • Principal at The Bank of America Performing Arts Center (2014)

Cindi Calhoun

Phoenix, Arizona

Erika McGonigal

Greenville, SC

  • Anne Frank at Bob Jones University (2021)

Laurie Fisher

New York, NY

  • Mrs. Van Daan at Providence Playhouse (2017)

Annabelle Smith

St. Louis, MO

  • Anne Frank at Northwest Highschool (2020)

Lauren Veldhuizen

Denver, CO

Deborah Deans

Medicine Hat, Alberta

  • Mrs. VanDaan at Firehall Theatre

Brian Doolittle

Concord, California


Hickory, NC

  • Edith Frank at Foothills Performing Arts (2017)

Tori Hamilton

Middletown, Ohio

Brynn Hensley

Greenwood, IN

  • Mrs. Van Daan at Lebanon Senior High School (2019)

Bailey Hunt

Marion, Indiana

  • Mr. Van Daan at Indiana Wesleyan University (2018)

Aubrie Kaylannie Ibasco

San Diego, California

  • Anne Frank at Lilac Theatre (2012)

Anna Kerr

Phoenix, Arizona

  • Director at Barry Goldwater Highschool (2022)

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