Act One The play opens with citizens of Rome celebrating the triumphant military leader, Julius Caesar. On the feast of Lupercal, a soothsayer addresses Caesar, warning him to “beware the ides of March,” meaning the fifteenth of March. He unfortunately ignores this.

Meanwhile, Brutus and Cassius speak privately. Brutus is a highly respected Roman and a leader in the community. Cassius is a citizen of Rome who is known for being very serious and well-read. Cassius attempts to convince Brutus that Caesar is a dangerous leader and that he must be wiped out before he makes slaves of all Romans. Brutus promises to think on Cassius’ words, but remains ultimately unconvinced.

They learn that Mark Antony, a close friend of Caesar’s, has offered Caesar a crown (three times, to be exact). To the public’s disappointment, he refused the offer of monarchy, fainting after the third time. Despite this, and after much inner debate, Brutus decides to join the conspiracy to prevent Caesar from

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