Katelyn Gard

Joined 1/17/2021

Katelyn Gard

Performer, Fan, Actor, Dancer, Voice-over, Singer

Mezzo-Soprano Late Teen

  New York, NY


ABOUT Katelyn

Katelyn Gard is a classically trained singer, actor, dancer (jazz, musical theater) and SAFD actor combatant, with certifications in unarmed, single sword, broadsword, quarterstaff, and knife. Katelyn works out of Buffalo, NY and NYC. In her free time, she loves bingeing Outlander and training with her new puppy Moony. Katelyn has been described as someone who is poised, straightforward, and self-assured.

Katelyn's Credits


The Ghost of Christmas Present
Main Street Studios
Transylvanian Quartet
Main Street Studios
Little Red
Main Street Studios
Miss Andrews
Main Street Studios
Joey Biltmore; Hot Box Dancer; u/s Adelaide
Main Street Studios

Mince Pie of Doom

Fred Bear
Play On Arts
Play On Arts

Buffalo Philharmonic Choir

Mozart Coronation Mass
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Shea’s Performing Arts Center Theatre Showcase

Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera
Shea's Performing Arts Center

Skills & Training

Vocal Part


Vocal Range

E3 - B5

Dance Styles

Ballet, Hip Hop, Zumba

Education/ Training

Acting: Ben Sheedy (current: Strasberg, Shakespearean, dramatic, comedic); Edward “Ted” Sharon (current: dramatic, comedic, Shakespearean); Jennifer Mysliwy (comedic) Singing: Amy Weintraub (current); Laurie Tramuta Dance: Samantha Kenney; Infinity Dance Studios Voiceover: Ben Sheedy (current; character voices and commercial)

Special Skills

SAFD Actor Combatant (SAFD certification in unarmed, single sword, broadsword, quarterstaff, and knife) Piano (beginner) Bassoon (beginner) Bb Clarinet (advanced beginner) Equestrian: English/Western Shooting (Rifle) Swimming Baking Cheerleading (Base) Knitting

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