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Act 1


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An apartment in outer-borough New York
Act 1

Scene Context

Todd has accused his fiancee, Jessica, of cheating on him with their roommate, Gabe.

Scene Text

JESSICA Why do you have to do this? Why, Todd?

TODD Do what?

JESSICA This. Make this a thing. You’re right, you work 65 hours a week. And he’s right - that means he and I spend, like, twenty hours alone in this apartment every week. And we’ve become friends. Good friends. But friends, Todd. And the one night in a month you get home early and this is what you want to do with it?

TODD Believe me, Jess, there are a million things I’d rather be doing right now.

JESSICA Then let’s.

A beat.

JESSICA I didn’t say “yes” because I didn’t want to get shipped back north. I said “yes” because I wanted to stay here with you. But at this point, I don’t know why we’re getting married anymore, Todd. I mean, I do, and I want to. But I can’t look forward to sixty years of this.

TODD Of what?