One Empire, Under God


New Work
Writers: Anthony J. Piccione


The live premiere of One Empire, Under God was presented November 11-21, 2021 at The Tank - located at 312 W 36th Street, New York, NY - and was directed by Andrés Gallardo Bustillo. The production starred Trey Shields as Damian Cunningham, Marc Verzatt as Reverend Ian MacDougal, Sarah Spagnuolo as Jessa Barclay, Gian Caro as Josh Garcia, J.J. Miller as Darren Cunningham & Joshua Cunningham, Marcus R. Smith as General River Kalvin, Mary Miles as President Armani Bakali & Senator Jane Harvey, Clara Tan as Vice President Zaine Thompson, featuring Sabrina Lopez, Sarah Nowik, Michael Paone and Demonte Thompson.

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