As the lights rise, cloaked figures file onto the stage, guided by the chimes of the bells of Notre Dame. As a chorus, they begin to sing a Latin liturgy (“Olim”). The music swells into the opening narration of “The Bells of Notre Dame” as the cloaked figures reveals themselves as the ensemble of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Together, and with featured singers, they introduce us to Dom Claude Frollo and his younger brother Jehan, orphan boys who were raised within the church of Notre Dame. While Claude was pious and restrained, Jehan was wild, referred to as a “profligate.” When Jehan is caught with a gypsy by the bishop of the church, he is banished, leaving Claude alone and fearful of sin. As time goes on, the narrators explain, Claude Frollo rises through the ranks of the church quickly, becoming an archdeacon who commands respect and deference. One day, a message from Jehan arrives, and Frollo goes to him, only to find Jehan near death. While Frollo believes that he can nurse

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